The Art of Covert Hypnosis – Review

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Product Information

Title: The Art of Covert Hypnosis
Author:Steven Peliari
Lowest Price: $197 (Get it for the lowest price here)
Format: MP3 downloads, as well as two PDF documents. One is a complete transcript of the audios, and the other is an exercise manual. The course is broken down into 15 main “chapters” and 5 bonus chapters (all in audio format, and transcribed into PDF).
Official Website:

Our Take on the Program

Steven appears to be primarily a Vegas-style hypnotist. As a result, there is a good mix of techniques in his program that are entertaining to do with other people. I wouldn’t suggest this program for people who only want to focus on the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis because the mentalism aspect of the program won’t help you much, but it is entertaining. Quite simply put, Steven Peliari has done a good job of packing together a LOT of material into a complete course. There is Ericksonian hypnosis, traditional NLP and mentalism. My only beef with it is that his recordings are not the most engaging I’ve ever heard. I think he could have put more personality into his voice.

I personally think that Igor Ledochowski’s course is better. But Igor doesn’t focus on any of the entertainment aspects of hypnosis, so if that is what you are after, Steven’s course is definitely better for you. Either way you can’t really go wrong given that both of these guys offer full (real) money back guarantees.

About Steven Peliari

Steven was inspired as a stage hypnotist in Las Vegas. He openly admits that he has never been a famous stage hypnotist, nor does he dream to become one. He is simply a guy who has spent a TON of time learning the mystical arts of stage hypnosis, mentalism, mind reading, and more. He openly admits, for example, that “mind reading” is fake (and he’ll teach you how to do it). He created the International Hypnosis Association, and serves as its Chairman, to maintain the integrity of hypnosis courses and certification bodies. He has studied just about every form of hypnosis out there.

Customer Opinions and Criticism

I searched the web to see what people say about this program. Generally, the feedback is really positive. Like I said before, the only real “negative” is the amount of content in the program. It’s huge.

Here is an independent quote we found:

In response to a detailed forum posting from Steven, one forum reader wrote, “Very nice, detailed description on covert hypnosis! It’s always refreshing to see an explanation that anyone can understand, and that doesn’t bore you to death.”

So, aside from the testimonials on his website, I haven’t been able to find actual customers who have written about his product on the Internet. I think this is a reflection of the newness of the course. I wouldn’t worry too much about because of the guarantee policy. Without a guarantee, this would probably make me look elsewhere.

TOP recommendation on hypnosis products. We recommend Igor Ledochowski’s hypnosis products. We believed this is the best for you. Here is the link to get the best price.

Detailed Product Information:

The Art of Covert Hypnosis is an audio course broken down into 15 audio CDs plus 5 bonus CDs. You also get a transcript of the entire course, plus an exercise book. As of this writing, there is no optional monthly program to continue your learning. The course is centered around Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism.

The entire course contents are:

Chapter 1 – Course structures

* Introduction
* Course Information
* What To Expect
* Study Guidelines

Chapter 2 – An introduction to covert hypnosis

* Fundamentals of Hypnosis
* Fundamentals of NLP
* Fundamentals of Mentalism
* Uniting The Three Fields
* Possibilities of Covert Hypnosis

Chapter 3 – A journey to Hypnosis

* Theory Of Mind
* Principles Of Suggestion
* Trance States
* Hetero Hypnosis
* Self Hypnosis

Chapter 4 – Hetero Hypnosis

* Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
* Instant Induction
* Power of Placebo
* Ericksonian Hypnosis

Chapter 5 – A Journey Into NLP

* The Milton Model
* Principles of Rapport
* Principles of Anchoring

Chapter 6 – Exploring Representational Systems

* Theory of Representational Systems
* Eye Cues
* Sub-modalities

Chapter 7 — A Journey Into Mentalism

* The Art of Deception
* Sleight of Mind
* Misdirection

Chapter 8 – Exploring the Art of Reading

* Cold Reading
* Warm Reading
* Hot Reading
* The Win-Win Game

Chapter 9 – Hypnotic Tonality

* Importance of Tonality
* Desired Tonality
* Maintaining Consistent Tonality

Chapter 10 – Personality Types and Suggestions

* Personality Types
* Expanding On Sleight of Mind
* Illusion of Number Guessing

Chapter 11 – Mass Hypnosis

* The Crowd Mentality
* Establishing Authority
* How Stage Hypnosis Works
* Application of Mass Suggestion

Chapter 12 – Instant Rapport

* Anchoring States of Rapport
* Subleties of Language
* Autopilot Resistence

Chapter 13 – The Illusion of Supernatural Phenomena

* The Psychic
* The Medium
* The TV Evangelist
* The Astrologist & Tarot Card Reader
* Safeguarding Against Charlatanism

Chapter 14 – Body Language Mastery

* Breathing Patterns
* Eye Contact
* Facial Expressions
* Body Positioning
* Hand Gestures

Chapter 15 – Exploring Covert Hypnosis

* Advanced Studies of Instant Induction
* Manipulation of Brain States
* Multiple Channel Hypnosis
* Safeguards Against Being Discovered

Bonus Chapters

He has 5 bonus chapters (audio format also), and there is definitely some good content here. He is claiming they are each worth several hundred dollars, and I think we all realize this is simply a tactic to make you see huge value in it. Whatever the case, I think the material is pretty good.

Chapter 16 – he claims a $400 value

* Outlook Upon People And Life
* The Energetic State of Mind
* The Distancing State of Mind
* The Relaxed State of Mind

Chapter 17 – he claims a $500 value

* The Desire For Acknowledgement
* The Command of Action
* The Revelation of Secrets
* The Ball of Attractable Energy

Chapter 18 – he claims a $300 value

* The Performer
* The Seducer
* The Storyteller

Chapter 19 – he claims a $350 value

* Mastering Resistance
* Mastering Rapport
* Controlling Any Conversation

Chapter 20 – he claims a $150 value

* Application of Acquired Knowledge
* Consistency of Practice
* The Code of Covert Hypnotists
* Conclusion

Guarantee Policy

This program comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee. But is the guarantee real, or just some trick to get you to spend money? I can tell you with certainty that it is real. The product is sold through the Clickbank marketplace, and Clickbank forces all product vendors to offer this guarantee. Most vendors are happy to do so regardless of what Clickbank asks them to do, but I think it’s important for you to know that the guarantee is supported (and required) by Clickbank. There is no way to get ripped off when purchasing this program. In fact, some people are dishonest and will use this policy to buy the product, and ask for a refund the next day. Please don’t do this – it’s totally unethical. You can check out Steven Peliari’s course for yourself here.

TOP recommendation on hypnosis products. We recommend Igor Ledochowski’s hypnosis products. We believed this is the best for you. Here is the link to get the best price.