Steve G. Jones: Hypnosis to Change Your Life – Review

This is not our top recommendation for self-improvement. Instead, we much prefer Dr. Mike Mandel’s self hypnosis downloads. He is exceptionally skilled.

Product Information

Title: Steve G. Jones, Hypnosis to Change Your Life
Product Creator: Steve G. Jones
Price: $19.95 and up (lowest price we can find is here)
Format: MP3 downloads
Official Website:

Our Take on Steve G Jones Products

I just can’t recommend Steve’s products over the competition for a number of reasons. I have never experienced any of his paid products, but I’ve seen enough YouTube videos and read enough from his website to believe that there is better stuff available.

I’m certainly not saying that is products don’t work. For many subjects they probably WILL work, since hypnosis is not rocket science, and many problems can be solved using your own unconscious resources. That said, here is what stops me from specifically recommending Steve G. Jones:

  1. I am not convinced he truly understands hypnosis. The best example was a YouTube video where he was demontrating “covert suggestibility tests”. If you know anything about hypnosis you know this makes no sense at all. Suggestibility tests are designed as a trick to get the subject to believe they are a great hypnotic subject. Steve’s video showing how do these covertly (so the subject doesn’t know) is just not useful in any way. Any good hypnotist knows rule #1: All subjects are great hypnotic subjects. You just need to know what to do to help them enter trance. Steve doesn’t seem to agree based on what I’ve seen in his videos. His video seems more about the hypnotist convincing himself that a subject is “good”. All subjects are good subjects. This was my first major turn-off.
  2. He has “Gold” and “Platinum” quality recordings. Basically he offers you different “quality” for a higher or lower price. I don’t like this concept at all. I believe you should want your customers to get the best possible experience from you as they can. Not using analog marking (an Ericksonian tool), or future pacing (NLP tool) is simply incomplete therapy. Buying a $29.99 download without using those techniques is not what I recommend. Paying $79.99 to include them in the “Platinum” version feels like it is overpriced.
  3. He has way too many products for my liking. This makes me wonder if his interest is to help people or to blanket the market with products. Just look at the phobia section. There are separate recordings for fear of dogs, spiders, flying, needles, and even frogs for Pete’s sake. A recording for fear of frogs? That seems a bit much to me. Great therapists, in my opinion, would simply teach you how to overcome a phobia in a way that you can apply to your specific problem. Again, I’m not saying his CDs won’t help you. In all likelihood they will help. But I don’t believe a great hypnotist would need to release such a swath of products for such specific problems.

One positive aspect of Steve’s website is that he will ship physical CDs out to customers (in USA and Canada) at no additional cost. That’s actually pretty cool. If you buy his stuff, please take advantage of this offer.

As one alternative, we like Mike Mandel’s products. Mandel has only 3 self hypnosis products available, but they are of the utmost quality.

About Steve G. Jones

Steve G. Jones is a graduate of the University of Florida and is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. He has been doing hypnosis for a long time. You can see a lot of videos of him doing hypnosis (or talking about it) on YouTube. He also sees clients in his private practice for a number of conditions. Among them are: weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation, test taking, phobias (such as fear of flying), nail biting, road rage, anger management, IBS, general wellness, pre-surgical and pre-dental pain control, natural childbirth, etc..

Customer Opinions and Criticism

I haven’t been able to find what I consider to be legitimate comments about him (either positive or negative). On his YouTube videos there are a lot of positive comments, but comments are moderated. This means Steve can disallow any negative comments. The commenters clearly don’t understand hypnosis, for the most part. So I wouldn’t consider this to be a positive sign.

If you really feel that you need to give his products a shot, check out some of the free samples on his website. They should give you an idea of whether or not you like his style.

This is not our top recommendation for self-improvement. Instead, we much prefer Dr. Mike Mandel’s self hypnosis downloads. He is exceptionally skilled.

Detailed Product Information

There are a wide variety of products sold by Steve G. Jones. At some point we’ll update this to include specific links to each product that he sells.

Steve G Jones Products focus on “Hypnosis to Change Your Life”. He has daytime recordings and nighttime recordings available. His description says that the daytime recordings are the 1/2 hour scripts from the full nighttime recordings, without any music, relaxation or suggestion. They cost $19.99 each.

Again I need to point out that if there is no relaxation or suggestion, then there isn’t really any therapy happening here. It sounds more like motivation. If that’s what you want I suggest you listen to Tony Robbins. He absolutely ROCKS.

The nighttime recordings from Steve G Jones are intended to provide suggestion for sleep once the recording is over. That’s fine – but what if you want to use hypnosis during the day? Most hypnotherapists do therapy during daytime hours and they need their clients to be alert afterward. This is yet another reason I’m not a big fan. Nighttime recordings cost $29.99 for Gold quality and $79.99 for “Platinum” quality (see the “Our Take” section above to understand why I hate this concept).

Topics covered by Steve G Jones recordings:

The list is absolutely massive – and I have no idea if these are actually unique recordings or cookie-cutter scripts with certain suggestions added to the end of each script. I’m not going to list everything here, since the list is truly exhaustive. Go here to see the full list.

Guarantee Policy

Steve G Jones hypnosis products are sold through the Clickbank marketplace, and the rules state that he must offer a 60 day money back guarantee on products sold (which he does). Despite my view that you can get more for your money elsewhere, if you are compelled to try out his recordings, you can rest assured that you will get a refund if you ask for one. Please use this policy in an ethical way and don’t use it as a way to rip him off. In other words, don’t buy if you intend to ask for a refund the next day. That’s not fair.

This is not our top recommendation for self-improvement. Instead, we much prefer Dr. Mike Mandel’s self hypnosis downloads. He is exceptionally skilled.