Dr. Mike Mandel Self Hypnosis CDs

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Product Information

Title: Mike Mandel “Brain Software” Series of Self Hypnosis CDs
Author: Dr. Mike Mandel
Lowest Price: $24.95 for individual MP3, $49.95 for all 3 (Get it for the lowest price here)
Format: Either CDs (shipped) or MP3 downloads.
Official Website: MikeMandelHypnosis.com

My Take on the Products

I own all three of these awesome recordings. I’ve listened to a lot of self hypnosis recordings over the years and I find Mandel’s stuff to be the best that there is. There are a LOT of hypnotists who sounds like complete weirdos. Dr. Mandel has a really relaxing (and normal sounding) voice, and the hypnotic elements that he uses are not noticeable to the untrained ear. He’s the best there is, period.

Unlike many other hypnotists, Mandel only has 3 CDs. He hasn’t created hundreds of recordings for all of the various “problems” people have. You really don’t need things to be *that* specific because when you use self hypnosis you already know what your problem is, and all you need is access to the unconscious resources that reside inside of you – they are already there. Hypnosis just helps unleash them. So if you are suffering from stress, you don’t need one CD for “stress relief from a breakup” and another for “stress relief from the aftermath of a bad experience at a standup comedy club”. I’m obviously joking around here – but seriously – there are hypnotists who have made literally hundreds of recordings for insanely specific purposes. To me, that’s a sign of someone who isn’t a very good hypnotist. Either that or they’re trying to fool you into thinking you need all sorts of recordings when you don’t.

Dr. Mandel has 3 recordings. They are: 1) Stress Relief; 2) Peak Performance (using NLP strategies) and 3) Memory Power (self explanatory). The first two are his most popular, but the third (memory) has been an awesome skill set to have.

About Dr. Mike Mandel

Dr. Mike Mandel has one of the most fascinating sets of skills of anyone that I know of in the hypnosis field today.  He discovered his skill for influencing people as a child, and grew to become an absolute master at stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

He has been a professional hypnotist for about 35 years now (as of 2010) and most of his working time is spent doing corporate keynote presentations.  He is represented by Speakers’ Spotlight, one of the best in the business – so you know he’s the real deal.

Dr. Mandel actually does forensic hypnosis work for Canadian police departments.  He safely and carefully helps crime victims recall the details of an event in order to bring the right person to justice.  What an amazing thing to be able to do.

Dr. Mandel is also the advanced Ericksonian hypnosis instructor at NLP Canada.  He teaches other therapists (as well as regular people) how to use hypnosis to help others.

Customer Opinions and Criticism

The amount of praise Dr. Mandel gets from his fans is huge.  Just search Facebook and you’ll see how much people love his work.

Here are some quotes I found:

“The Peak Performance CD by Mike Mandel is outstanding, but is simply ONE suggestion. Otherwise, you can buy books on the topic of NLP from Amazon, etc.”

And from one of his stage shows:“Mike was fantastic – he has just gotten better, if that is possible. I have received many e-mails and phone calls from people who attended the show, and nothing but fantastic reviews!” – Barrie Construction Association

This program gets our top recommendation for stuff that actually works for hypnosis products. Here is the link where we think you’ll get the best price.

Detailed Product Information:

Each CD comes with two tracks.  Track 1 is an instructional track that is not intended to result in hypnosis.  It’s actually intended to teach you useful tools about the topic at hand (either performing at your best, reducing stress, or building a powerful memory).  The second track on each CD is a hypnosis track.

Each product is approximately one hour long, and the time is about equally split between each track.  This means each hypnosis session is about 30 minutes long (some are longer … I think Stress Relief is about 40 minutes of hypnosis).

For the hypnosis portion, Dr. Mandel uses eloquent Ericksonian hypnosis patterns.  The CDs are unbelievably relaxing.  I’ve not come across any other product that blends conscious teaching (track 1)  with unconscious learning (track 2 – hypnosis).

Guarantee Policy

MikeMandelHypnosis.com offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all products.  I’ve never tested this policy, and I doubt too many people have either (simply because the poducts are so darn good).  That said, I believe it to be genuine.  He would never risk his reputation over a few bucks.

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Dr. Mike Mandel Gets our Top Recommendation in the Category of Self Improvement Hypnosis